Working towards sustainability
Protecting the planet is a big responsibility and we want to play our part

  • Buying British especially local reducing carbon emissions and supporting the local economy

  • Using in season fruits and vegetables from Foskers fresh

  • Used food oil is collected and converted into bio diesel

  • Encouraging our suppliers to reduce packaging

  • Using Eco friendly takeaway boxes

  • Composting all our garden waste

  • Recycling paper, cardboard and glass

  • Company vehicles going fully electric and car charging point already available at The Ship with further plans to install more across the group

  • Constantly monitoring our energy consumption of gas, electricity and water

  • Teamed up with @keepcup on own reusable cup and giving discounts when used

  • 99% of our advertising is now digital to reduce paper waste

  • Working with Edmunds cocktails who are committed to planting a tree for every box or 1 litre bottle sold

  • Increasing the amount of meatless and vegan items on our menus can help with the reduction of environmental impact by lowering greenhouse gas production.

  • Working with @refillsuffolk an award-winning campaign to reduce the amount of plastic waste. All of our inns are refill stations

  • All straws and stirrers are biodegradable

  • Recycling coffee grounds to local people to use as natural fertiliser

  • LED light fittings where possible.

  • Ordering refillable cleaning chemicals and hand soap

  • Streamlining our suppliers to reduce food miles by having less deliveries

  • Growing our own herbs and garnishes

Continuing to investigate new ways to achieve maximise sustainability