Meet up Mondays  

Every Monday we will be offering free tea, coffee and toast from 9am-11am

No need to book, but if you would like more information, please contact Tim on 01473 736307 or email

So, what is Meet Up Mondays?

MeetUpMondays is an initiative launched in 2018 which offers hospitality businesses the chance to give back to their local community and show that the commercial world also cares about ending the dreadful scourge of loneliness. The simple premise is that once a week, pubs, cafes and tea rooms offer a couple of hours of free tea, coffee and nibbles to people who are fed up with their own company, giving them a chance to meet others and connect more with their community. Visitors go along knowing they are guaranteed a warm welcome into a friendly environment where they will not stand out as being alone, in a situation which we’re finding is helping to normalise talking about loneliness without those attending feeling ‘labelled’ as lonely.